Mirrored Cactus Earrings - Green
Mirrored Cactus Earrings - Green
cinder + salt

Mirrored Cactus Earrings - Green

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by 9000 Things

Statement earrings NEW FOR SUMMER! Botanical inspired earrings made from salvaged acrylic and laser cut with our original design. The stud of these earrings is a gorgeous pearlescent swirled peach color while the cactus is cut from green and turquoise mirrored acrylic. Each earring is about 2 inches long but remarkably (literally, everyone says it) light and easy to wear. Great for anyone who likes being ahead of the trend curve ;)

The story:
Plastic sucks, we know. What’s cool about our earrings and sun catchers is that we source the acrylic from a US manufacturer. They make huge sheets of acrylic for industrial applications and every time they mix a custom color they make extra in case some of the sheets are defective. We use the defective pieces! For that reason, you’ll notice that we rarely get the exact color and translucence twice. Cacti will always be green, but it might be a slightly different green from batch to batch.


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