Truffula Tree
Truffula Tree
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Truffula Tree

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These awesome little table-top trees are perfect who anyone inspired by the story of The Lorax.

Each tree is unique and handmade using sustainably sourced materials. The pot is a thick paper and is stuffed with scraps of un-recyclable styrofoam packaging which keeps a rigid shape. Topped with natural stones, we firmly planted the tree trunk (which is a stock from an invasive species tree around CT), that was lovingly hand colored to match the Truffula patterns. Truffula tufts are made from found styrofoam balls, which by all accounts, were 20+ years old, and adorned with colorful boas.

Truffula Trees are endangered species and are very delicate - not a toy! Tree pots are about 5" wide and trees range from 20-24" tall.

Proceeds benefit the Rainforest Action Network, working hard to protect our very own "truffulas".

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