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Fred En Flora Jar Candle - [With Geranium + White Tea + Bergamot + Rose Petals + Pink Himalayan Salt]

$ 10.00

The word FRED is Norwegian for 'peace'. We offer you 'peace in flowers' with this custom blend of budding geranium, white tea and bergamot; or new take on the classic Early Grey. Adorned with beautiful and fragrant rose petals, you'll love how this candle looks as much as it smells. Each Candle contains Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, which will melt and infuse into the air as your candle burns.

Pink Himalayan Salt is said to have many benefits, including:

Decrease Stress
Improving Air Quality
Promotes Better Sleep

While there hasn't been much scientific research completed on Himalayan pink salt and its benefits, many have confirmed personal claims of this amazing natural treasure.

Rayne Home Decor candles are hand poured in very small batches to ensure high quality. We also use all natural soy wax grown in the USA and metal free candle wicks. All of our candles are dye-free.

Burn Time 4oz - 25+ Hours

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