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When i was first began my journey as an entrepreneur i would often visualize a future where i would travel to trade shows, fashion events and go on vacation to inspire my next collection. It's pretty surreal for that to (sort of) be my reality now. And, to be honest, i didn't visualize the dark circles under my eyes, or the mountain of stress aside the lack of quality sleep.

Our trade show booth at SurfExpo 2017

As tired as I may be, I feel pretty lucky to have a life so full. In posts titled Adventures we'll give you the inside scoop on our travels to inspiring locales, or the business trips that build our brand, and the events we plan at our flagship and throughout CT.

cinder + salt jungle inspo
Jungle vibes inspiration on a recent trip to Costa Rica

So if you're looking for cool places to visit, fun things to do or some advice on shows or conferences you may want to attend, check out our Adventures here for some inspo.
cinder + salt workshop at macysThat time i got into the Workshop At Macy's and took a rare selfie from my hotel room.

Curious about any of our travels so far? Hit us up in the comments section below!

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