eco initiatives

We take sustainability seriously! In fact, up to 50% of our profits is funneled straight back to the Earth through our eco-initiatives programs. Every shirt purchased helps us bring sustainable living to the forefront. 

Recycling Stats 2022

Zero Waste Printing & Coral Reef Sculptures

In 2017 our team committed to becoming zero waste and we have not emptied (or filled!) our printshop trash can since December of 2016. We worked to identify our most common waste sources and adjust our processes to eliminate them. Whatever waste we do create is upcycled into coral reef sculptures that we use as in-store and window displays. As of early 2020 we are working on finding more locations to showcase our upcycled reefs. If you own or know of a venue that would like to house a reef, please reach out!

Clean Waste Collection Bins

We currently have in-store collection bins for hard to recycle and widely used materials including shipping pouches, food wrappers, plastic bottle caps, corks, CD/DVDs & gift cards. Anyone is welcome to drop off their unrecyclable CLEAN waste too! Each year we responsibly recycle materials we collect, or we turn it into one of our art pieces in the store. You can learn more about how we reuse or recycle each material on our blog.

Bottle Cap World Map

Visit our flagship store to see the 14 ft wide and 8ft tall world map that we're building from plastic bottle caps (hence the collection bin!) This piece was started as a response to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the incessant wave of plastics that land in our oceans every day. Learn more here.

Free Reusable Tote with $100 Purchase

All day, every day - anytime you spend $100 in store, you get a free, reusable, jumbo, 100% cotton canvas tote. #singleusesucks #reusereducerecycle

Leave A Bag | Take A Bag

Do you have too many reusable bags in your life? Bring them to cinder + salt and we'll give them to those in need. In October 2019, Middletown passed a "Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance" that made the use of single use plastic bags illegal and requires retailers to charge 10 cents for paper bags. We know many people in our community can't afford this bag fee so we now have a station in store where folks can leave, or take, reusable bags.

Beach, Street & Trail Clean-Ups

We're committed to eco-optimism which means we want to help folks in our community forge positive associations in nature. Take some time out of your weekend mornings and join us on a clean-up. These events are free but if you register in advance we'll make you a free volunteer t-shirt. #winning!

Fabric Recycling

We work hard to create as little waste as possibe. In fact, we reuse fabrics hundreds of times before we eventually have to scrap them. We use Simple Recycling to turn all of our fiber waste into housing insulation. 


Sustainability Social Hour

We believe that the most meaningful and impactful thing anyone can do for the Earth is to surround themselves with eco-minded people. You are who you hang out with. Looking to green your circle? Join us for our Sustainability Social Hour Events, hosted 3 times per year. (On pause due to the pandemic, guh!)




We know our people love Planet Earth, and probably want to see as much of it as possible. That's why we've started to host eco-retreats, launched mid-pandemic no less. (womp womp). With more exciting trips on the horizon, eventually, we're starting in Costa Rica because less people, more nature, vaccines required & all the animals.