Design | Eileen's Upcycled Poppy Flowers

Here at cinder + salt we have a THING about queso, which leaves us with a lot of empty chip bags. Staying true to our eco-friendly ideals our Display Coordinator Eileen found a way to upcycle our discarded snack bags into gorgeous little poppy flowers!


Empty chip or food packaging bag (reds, oranges and yellows)
pen or marker
thin wire (8-12 inches)


  1. Finish eating your favorite chip and clean out the inside of the bag.
  2. Cut the bag open so it is flat
  3. Trace 3-4 different size circles and cut them out ( small, medium, large, etc.) They do not need to be perfect circles, in fact they look more organic if they are not!
  4. Cut a slit half way to the center of the circle
  5. Next we are going to make semi cone shapes out of the circles by overlapping the two edges of the circle you just cut. Tape over the two edges to hold the shape. Repeat with all your circles
6. Stack the circles smallest to largest
  1. Take your piece of wire make a little knot at the end by just folding the edge over a few times. 
  2. Use the end that is not knotted and push it through the center of the cone circles (you can pre puncture a hole with a needle first). Slide the wire down until the knot is at the top circle.
  3. Fold your wire in half and bring the end up to the bottom cone, wrap it a few times around the wire that is coming down through the cones. This will secure the cones in place.
TA-DA, you've done it... now go make a whole bouquet or wrap them around a headband to make a beautiful up cycled floral crown!  

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