Style | Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day right around the corner we know you don't want to miss the perfect gift for the guy who has everything. We've compiled a list of our favorite products for every kind of dad.

 Photos by Britta Rankl


Chef Dad
For the dad who taught you your way around the kitchen

Shop our Pints Tee, Beef Butcher Chart Tee and our Pork Butcher Chart Apron, available in store only.

Farmer Dad
For the dad who knows a hard days work AND the difference between a radish and a turnip

Shop our Eat Local Tee No Farms Tee and Farmers Closer Tee

Cool Dad 
For the dad who listened to vinyls before it was cool.

Shop our French Press Hoodie, Trumpet Skinny Tie and 35mm Camera Tee


Nerdy Dad
For the dad who's into all things science.

Shop our Brontosaurus Tee, Robot Skinny Tie and Game Controller Hoodie

Captain Dad
For the dad who helped you get your sea legs.

Shop our Sailboat Hoodie, Ships Wheel Skinny Tie and Wood Grain Whale Tee

Outdoorsy Dad
For the dad who taught you how to pitch a tent, start a fire and cook over a campfire.

Shop our Canoe Pullover Crew, SIC Waterbottle, United by Blue Socks, and Evergreen Beanie

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