Inspiration + Process | Brass Dip Earrings

I had heard about a magical place called Wolf E Myrow, where one could obtain bulk quantities of overstock, vintage and discarded jewelry supplies. I made a pilgrimage to an industrial and somewhat homely looking area of Providence, RI and suddenly i was transported into maker-heaven. 

While words can't adequately describe the wonder of a warehouse stocked to the ceiling with beads, chain, findings and ever so much more (don't worry, I'll take pics on my next trip), i did source a few choice materials for our humble jewelry line.

While a worker was weighing my goods, I kept busy poking around in some random tackle boxes and happened upon a small poly bag of brass posts. I had a box of old nail polish at home looking for an excuse to get artsy....

I devised a good strategy for coloring these puppies; and yeah, ok "brass dip earrings" is a but of a misnomer. I stuck each post into pieces of cardboard for stability and then spent a couple hours tediously painting hundreds of these little brass nuggets. Day 2 we did a second coat; Day 3 a top coat. I can say with a degree of confidence these won't nick as easily as your manicure.

I created 6 punchy options from the inventory of nail polishes I never use: black raspberry, peach, coral, hot pink, lagoon blue & pearl. These are super easy to add into rotation and at just $8 pair they're easy on your wallet too.

Quantities are super limited, because, obviously, we can't make any more. Shop them in store (at our Flagship or pop-up) or DM us on facebook or instagram @cinderandsalt to order online!

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