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Cinder + Salt, our name, is inspired by the residue of a weekend well spent; the scent of campfire on your clothes and the taste of salt water on your skin. For us, that's not just a catchy tagline, it's a lifestyle.

Jungle Vibes on a trip to Costa Rica that inspired our SS17 Collections.

The guiding principles behind our brand come from a place of respect and admiration for the Earth. As such, we're always looking for ways to improve our lives and our interactions with nature to live on that wavelength.

No Farms No Food Ladies Tee - photo by Britta Rankl

In posts titled with Lifestyle you'll learn about steps we're taking for an eco-chic living; or about products from our favorite indie makers; or about other brands who embody the same philosophies as ours.

Tailoring a dress made from netted onion bags and tortilla chips bags for Trashion Fashion.

I have a distinct memory from my childhood; my mom had just lit a candle in the kitchen and dabbed the extinguished match in a little droplet of water on the kitchen sink. I asked her why she didn't just turn the faucet on. She turned to me and said, "waste not, want not." It's one of my favorite mantras and I employ it daily.

When i finish an iced drink i pour the still frozen ice cubes into a house plant so they can water it.

When a paper shopping bag has ribbon handles I remove them and use them for gift wrapping.

When we produce any kind of un-recyclable clean waste in the print shop, we turn into sculptures for our window displays.

Coral reef inspired window displays made from 100% clean waste like packing peanuts, old rags, toilet paper tubes and bubble wrap.

What are some steps you take to reduce waste (and want) in your own life. Let us know in the comments below!

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