Lifestyle | How To Re-Purpose Your Candles

Oh Hey! Like anyone, we love a good soy candle to burn clean and add atmosphere to our home & office. But what to do when your candle has burnt it's final flame?!
Cleaning out a candle vessel and finding a new use for it is simple! We love this easy step-by-step tutorial from Paddywax.

Cleaning excess wax and glue/wick from the bottom can be a small nightmare. Simply freeze your candle vessel overnight and pop that sucker out the next morning.

I love to get in there with soap and water to get rid of any sticky residue and ash... but when i'm not feeling especially domestic, the dishwasher can work wonders. #justsayin.


When we source candles for the shop we're always looking for unique containers to add aesthetic value to your decor AND to be upcycled in a neat way. Take the Rayne Home Decor Paradiso Candle above, for example. I love that perfect island scent of coconut & freesia (and if you've been to our store, you'd recognize it. We usually have it burning at the register!). After they're done, we clean out the glass and are left with classic glass tumblers!

I love these glasses for mixing drinks for my friends at my holiday party each winter. They're simple enough to use for any style of drink and they're a way better (and classier) solution than disposable single-use plastic cups.


Another favorite are the Sonora Concrete Candles by Paddywax.

Use these little beauties as a salt cellar, jewelry dish or planter for your fave succulent!


Are you the mysterious type who likes to bottle up your secrets behind a smoke-screen of darkness? Well maybe you'd love one of the Square Trade Goods jarred candles. Keep the vessel as a handy storage unit for anything! Tea, paperclips, your feelings perhaps?

We also love the Alpine Candles in a reusable enamel cup! Burn that double-wick (yeah, baby) and then use it for your favorite camp bev! Hot cocoa, coffee, whiskey; your choice!

Bottom line, no matter what your style preference, take care to reuse your next candle vessel.... and if thats too annoying to deal with, bring them to us and we'll repurpose them for you! At cinder + salt we love finding creative uses for unwanted materials and we never turn away good trash!

Leave us a comment below with a pic of how you repurposed your most recent candle! We'd love to hear/see what you're up to!

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