Profile | Meet Rachel of cinder + salt (YAY!)

“At cinder + salt… we always have a cold bottle of champagne in our fridge - you never know when you’ll need to celebrate!” Rachel DeCavage, owner and creative director of cinder + salt knows how to cultivate a fun office environment. As one of her employees I can assure you that the c+s tagline, “fun, fresh fashion” carries its way through every work day.


Since its inception, c+s has been environmentally conscious. “Eco-obsessed is who I am, to the core. It just makes sense to run my company with the same values… I come from a family of artists and entrepreneurs. I love creating, I love working and I love doing good by the planet. cinder + salt is the product of those passions.”

Rachel’s father taught her how to screenprint at the age of 10, and then in 2014 she bought his printing equipment and started Cinder + Salt, an eco-friendly lifestyle brand whose name comes from the residue of a weekend well spent: the smell of campfire on your clothes and the taste of salt on your skin.

Lately it seems like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘all-natural’ brands are everywhere, but some lack authenticity or are simply the product of the latest marketing trend; cinder + salt is assuredly not that. Simply stepping into the flagship store in Middletown, CT can convince you that this is the real deal. From a floor to ceiling world map created from non-recyclable plastic bottle caps, wearable dresses made from straws and SmartFood wrappers, to a sea of coral reefs made from upcycled materials, Rachel’s commitment to becoming a zero-waste office is clear.

It’s no secret that there is no shortage of hard work that goes into keeping a small business thriving. From creating to brainstorming new designs and finding sustainable ways to further her brand, Rachel is constantly working. For Earth Day this year, she featured an ‘eggshell seedling’ station. In short, you can use ⅔ of an empty eggshell to plant seedlings, as opposed to using plastic seed carriers. While setting up the display and seeing the mass amounts of cartons, I remember Rachel saying, “Wow, I don’t think I’ve thrown out an eggshell for like... 5 years.” That’s the level of commitment she brings to her business, it shapes even the smallest parts of her day.

Rachel has shaped cinder + salt to embody her own personality in essence: fun, bright, Earth loving and ready to get her hands dirty. From finding a new aesthetically pleasing purpose for everyday trash to scheduling company wide beach clean-ups, Rachel works hard at keeping her brand genuine and multidimensional - but always makes time for a glass of champagne (or two)!

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