Staff Holiday Favorites - Adalie

Here’s a chance to know a little bit about our small but mighty team! With the holidays coming up, here’s a sneak peek of cinder + salt’s staff Holiday Favorites! First one up, Adalie!

Hi friends! I’m Adalie and I am a retail associate for cinder + salt. I’ve been with c+s for about 6 months and I’ve learned so much about sustainability since I joined the team. That’s almost as important as working with stellar people😉Alright, let’s get right into my top 5 giftable things for the holidays!

1. Moose Cloth Napkins


First of all, this is THE cutest napkin set I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Well, I’d say the acorn napkin set is pretty cute too…but this is number one. Not only is it perfect for this upcoming holiday season, it also helps cut down paper towel waste! I’m guilty of going through the endless cycle of paper towel use and the cost of buying them in bulk. This napkin set is the perfect solution as there are multiple ways of using them. Whether it’s decor for a family dinner or to wipe down messes on the kitchen counter, this set is oh so handy! 

2. Fossil Kids Tee



A fun fact about me is that I wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up! While that dream never came true (it’s not that sad, I just realized I didn’t want to be in the heat forever lol), I love that we were able to combine one of my favorite passions into a sustainable style piece! Perfect for every season-get your kiddo a prehistoric friend that they can show off!

3. Emergency First-Aid Kit



You can ask all of my friends, I am all about being prepared! Have a stain? I got a tide pen. Need a bandage? Small, medium or large size? Need to tie your hair? I have 3 hair ties on me at all times. This emergency first aid kit is ESSENTIAL for similar moments. The kit is prepped with bandage rolls, waterproof bandages, and even a pair of scissors! Best part is the fun camp-inspired design and refillable tin container. Keep ‘em in your car, bag, or even as a stocking stuffer! Guaranteed that you’ll be getting a thank you!

4. Bees Wrap



Ok-I know this is talked about all the time and you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve seen it too many times. Trust me…I hear you, but listen. It’s the talk of the town for a reason. I used to be trapped by the constant purchase of cling wrap just to throw it out and create more plastic waste. Bees wrap is a wonderful solution. You can cover leftovers, sandwiches, snacks…the list just goes on and on! No wonder it’s one of the top picks of promoting sustainability. A little tip: make sure to scrunch it up and warm it up with your hands so it can grab onto your items better!

5. Rock Pool Puzzle



So I know this is in the kiddo section…but we all know puzzles are meant for everyone! This is a 250 piece puzzle that is made of 90% recycled material and printed with soy-based inks! Showcasing fun marine life under the water and on rocks, I’d say this is a wonderful gift for the puzzle lover that is looking for something unique!


Thanks for checking out this post! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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