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We’ve got a pretty eclectic team at cinder + salt and the first thing I notice when everyone arrives in the morning, is their personal style. We spend A LOT of time on branding and making sure we put forward a very specific vision of our clothing line, but we fully believe everyone should style their clothes the right way, for themselves. I can safely say that no one on our team, including myself, truly embody the cinder + salt style. And that’s what’s so great; we’re all wearing the same brand, but in 7 unique ways.

Peacock Feather Tank - photo by Tyler Walsh

Posts titled with Style on our blog are dedicated to diversity. To interpretation. To having fun with fashion. And to letting your style speak for you.

Pine Muscle Tank - photo by Britta Rankl

We’ll show you how models, bloggers and every-day fashionistas wear our swag. We’ll curate collections of locally made goods by some of our entrepreneurial friends. We’ll put together how-to’s so you can see how the same tank top can be worn to the corporate luncheon, or on a hot date. We’ll even offer up some freebies so we can see how our readers wear our newest looks.

Thunderbird Boatneck - photo by Corey Lynn Tucker

 Show us how you style our swag and post a photo in the comments below!

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