Style | Staff Profile : Britta

Three words to describe her style?
punk, qt, baby
Ok, I added the purple, but only because it suits Britta's personality.
She's the furthest thing from black + white. 

Britta joined our team in the spring of 2017 and has given our content a face-lift. Now, we're giving her a blog debut as she does a style review of the whole cinder + salt team in the coming weeks.

BUT FIRST!!! More about this firecracker...

Britta : I always have been interested in fashion, I suppose? Sometimes it was terribly bad fashion…but fashion none the less! I’ve always been attracted to counter culture so that continually influences me. I’ve been working in retail since 2010, helping style other people is exciting for me! In high school it was my dream to be a high fashion editorial photographer haha not so much my dream now, but I appreciate it quite a bit!

When it comes to her style icons, Britta says, "I always have heart eyes for Rihanna, Childish Gambino, and Beyonce. But the real MVPs are Punk Dads." 
If you knew Britta you would understand how fitting this is because she literally wears Dad jeans like they're going out of style AND her nickname at the shop is, actually, Dad.

Britta : I can’t live without my high waisted EVERYTHING!!! I look so good!!!! It should be illegal to be this cute!!!! She adds, "My favorite trend right now is Gingham Patterned clothing. I love looking like a picnic basket SNACK!" (who doesn't love snacks...)

While I'm worried about designing for women like me who want clothes to cover their midsection, Britta is a pioneer of body positivity and literally just cuts all of our shirts through the middle to achieve her fave crop-top look. So we had to ask, what's your favorite cinder + salt design? 
Britta : 
Geez! That’s hard to say! It’s probably a toss up between the ROAM Mountains design and the Moon Phases!

And your favorite places to shop? 
Britta :  My favorite place to shop HANDS DOWN is Savers. They’re an amazing thrift store. Always a great selection of Mom jeans, ugly sweaters, and flannels.

What trend do you wish never happened?
Britta : God, I wish sneaker heels were never a thing. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!

What trends are you SO ready for this Fall?
Britta : 
I cannot wait to bring my flannels, thigh highs, and jean jacket back into my wardrobe rotation!! Bring on the Fall weather!!!

Now, since our environmental philosophy is a critical element of the cinder + salt vision statement, we make sure everyone on our team is on board with greening the planet. So Britta, in what ways is your personal style / wardrobe eco-friendly?

Britta : 
When fashion can be so throw-away nowadays, it can be difficult to think environmentally about your fashion choices. Some things that have always been ingrained in me were buying thrift and donating back. I almost never throw clothing away unless I need to. I’m also very into up-cycling old clothing! Making something new out of something old and loved is a wonderful feeling!

Come say hi to Britta at our stores; she's literally a ray of sunshine and will brighten your day. She's at our flagship Weds, Thurs & Sun; or at our pop-up on Fri & Sat.

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