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Lifestyle | Snack Bag Recycling

Lifestyle  |  Snack Bag Recycling

Recycling certain materials can be a challenge for the every-day citizen. We want to make it easier to responsibly dispose of your snack wrappers (for free!).

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Adventures | Visiting Costa Rica v2.0

Adventures  |  Visiting Costa Rica v2.0

What do I love about Costa Rica? You mean besides the biodiversity of plants and animals, the abundance of wildlife, the towering jungles, the misty volcano peaks, the warm and ferocious seas, the fresh fruit begging to be plucked and savored from any number of trees...

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Lifestyle | Bottle Cap World Map

Lifestyle  |  Bottle Cap World Map

In the early 2000s I had learned that my local recycling service did not accept #5 plastics, so if a bottle cap was left on the bottle it came on, the workers were instructed to cut off the bottle top, or throw away the whole thing, sending lots of recyclable plastic in the incinerator. So, I started saving the bottle caps until I could find a way to responsibly recycle them. 

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Lifestyle | New Shoes!

Lifestyle  |  New Shoes!

Let's talk for a hot second about how i turned a trashy old pair of $12 flats... into these gorgeous re-imagined can't-live-without shoes!

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Lifestyle | How To Re-Purpose Your Candles

Lifestyle  |  How To Re-Purpose Your Candles

Like anyone, we love a good soy candle to burn clean and add atmosphere to our home & office. But what to do when your candle has burnt it's final flame?!

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