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A couple days a month I work from my home studio; Its a colorful space filled with tools, materials and heaps of inspiration. Spend a few minutes poking around and you'll find dozens of little collection bins throughout the space, that I use to accumulate materials to eventually turn into my artwork.

I hate waste, so I try to get the most life out of any materials that come my way. There’s a paper bag on the closet door full of bits of thread and fibers that i’ll eventually use as stuffing for toys or pillows. There are tiny jars across the counter tops filled with candy wrappers, broken plastic beads, bread bag tabs, and other colorful doodads that get turned into brightly colored holiday decor. There are beautiful baskets lining the walls stuffed with fabric scraps, sorted by color and fiber content.

Sometimes it can take awhile (months, years) to accumulate enough clean waste to actually produce something, but this past winter we put some awesome new home + personal accessories together that I’m pumped to share with you.

Introducing our Scrappy Pillows! Each pillow cover is unique; made from an assortment of different fabric scraps pulled from my studio bin. Artists on our team hand lay each scrap and stitch them in place making sure that the final product has structural integrity. The layers of scraps are reinforced so they won’t fray or fall off, but rather, wear in time for a softer feel.

The pillows are available in two size: large (20x20) as seen in the photo below, and small (16x16) as seen in the photo above. The small pillows are a removable pillow cover, whereas the large ones are a complete piece.

After we launched the pillows we moved on to tote bags; maybe you love the look but maybe you also already have 600 pillows on your sofa and would love something a tad more functional?!

Like the pillows, the tote bags are all unique and layered with varying materials. The biggest difference is that we’ve sewn the edges into the side seams, leaving a more polished, streamlined shape. We kept the raw edges on the scraps, still reinforced for structural integrity but this take feels more versatile for wear.

We’re only using scrap materials from our studio, so these pillows and totes are of limited availability. To purchase, visit our Flagship Store our our Pop Up Store at the Shoppes At Farmington Valley. If you’re not a CT local, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to put an order in for ya!

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