Protect Our Home for the Holidays!


The holiday season is a lot of fun for all of us, but not so much for our home planet. (womp womp) With all the presents and parties and people traveling, this time of year is extra harsh on mother Earth. That’s why, this year, we’re doing a Protect Our Home for the Holidays countdown! Over the course of 11 days we’re offering deep discounts on products that will help soften your eco-footprint this holiday season, and give you gift ideas that support local & small business. Who’s in?!

Day 1 - 50% off all Home apparel

We truly believe that there is only one thing that all humans have in common; our home. We all live & rely on planet Earth for our very survival, which is why it’s so important to protect it. To kickstart our Protect Our Home for the Holidays countdown, we’re offering 50% off all Home apparel for one day only! 

Day 2 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all zip top food storage

Can we all agree that the best part of the party are the leftovers the next morning? But single use food wraps are a straight choking hazard for the planet and many animals living on it. Did you know that sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, their favorite food, and, ya know, it doesn’t end well. So skip the ziplocks, the saran wrap and the single use to-go containers and get yourself a few Zip Tops. They stand upright and stay open, which makes them super easy to fill, eat out of and clean in the dishwasher.

Day 3 -  50% off all cloth napkins & tea towels

We’re tree huggers and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Oh and FYI, the world creates 695,000 TONS of paper towel waste EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Enough is enough! Save the trees and elevate your dining experience with cloth napkins & towels. They’re easy to clean, can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times. Made in the USA with 100% cotton, our napkin sets also make a really sweet hostess gift; trust us.

Day 4 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on all eco-coconut scrubbers

Washing dishes sucks and you’ll never change our mind. Buuuuutttt once we started using coconut husk brushes, the chore didn’t feel as sucky. It’s actually kinda zen. So next time you need to replace your dish brush, skip the chonky plastic crap from the grocery store and switch to natural wood & coconut. They clean just as well but without inviting chemicals into your home and all over your dishware. Plus, they natural biodegrade, so if you compost, you can just toss these suckers in the bin once you’re done with them. Woot woot!

Day 5 - 50% off DIY Beeswax Wrap kits

Ok, we’re still in the kitchen but hear us out; the kitchen is a prime spot to make small lifestyle tweaks that better protect our home. The kitchen can also be the hub of your house where everyone connects and bonds. We love these DIY beeswax wrap kits because not only do you have a fun activity for a snow day, or to engage your kids in talks about sustainability, but you’re left with a super useful food wrap that you can use dozens of times. So while you’re rolling out these wraps, have a loaf of bread baking. Then you can wrap it up for weeks of fresh eats!


Day 6 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Produce Bags

By now most of use have switched to reusable grocery bags; it wasn’t too hard, was it?! A seamless, simple next step is to switch to reusable produce bags too! Those flimsy produce bags do nothing more than create an easy way to carry round things, and clog up the planet with more plastic. We love these blue mesh bags because:

  1. the color, duh
  2. you can see through them
  3. they fit a ton of stuff!

It’s also relevant to note that many produce skins are very thin (think peaches, leafy greens or tomatoes) and they tend to absorb vapors & liquids around them. Cradling your produce in plastic might not hurt you in the short term, but it doesn’t do you any favors in the long term. Less plastic & man-made materials coming in contact with your food is a win win.


Day 7 - 50% off Reusable Make-Up Wipes

For some reason, this switch can feel like a big one. Skincare is a thing and we all grow attached to our products and routines. But let us tell you, switching from single use face wipes or cotton balls, to these super soft reusable wipes is literally so much easier done than thought about. LOL. We keep a little basket on our bathroom shelf (which is very cute decor) for the wipes to live in; plus they come with a mesh laundry bag so you can put the dirty wipes in the bag, cinch it up and toss in the wash on laundry day. Switching to reusable wipes, especially this kit, will save you $30-$100+ over the single use stuff!!


Day 8 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free all cinder + salt jewelry

For us, sourcing is the most exciting part of the design process. When we’re out and about looking for inks or fabrics or whatever else sparks our creativity, we also collect jewelry findings! Our production team is always busy piecing together vintage baubles and upcycled chains to create our earrings and pendant necklaces. The best part isn’t even that they’re 100% upcycled! They’re all so simple and classic that they pair with everything! Also…. Stocking stuffers. Just sayin’. 


Day 9 - Extra 50% White & Sparkle Sneakers

Let’s talk about capsule wardrobes. The key is to have fewer pieces but to be able to pair them into countless combinations. These white leather sneakers are a dream for everyday casual. White sneaks are timeless and the sparkle, in that dusty gold, is neutral and fun. We’ll admit we’re biased here but shopping local for your clothes is also super sustainable because it keeps the carbon footprint of your wardrobe that much smaller, keeps your money in your local economy and supports your friends and neighbors. Also, we literally have like so few left of these so literally what are you waiting for?


Day 10 - 50% off all embroidered caps

Do you want to talk about the comfiest hats in the world? Too bad, that’s what we’re here for. Seriously though, our organic cotton caps and washed cotton caps are top of the line, long lasting, timeless and everlastingly comfy. Plus, they protect your eyes and noggin from that pesky sun. One day only, take 50% off all caps. You won’t regret it! 


Day 11 - 50% off all FSC Certified Gift Wrap

It ain’t the holiday season without WRAPPING PAPER!!! We don’t make it ourselves (yet) but we do carry some super magnificent gift wrap at the shop and it’s all 100% FSC certified paper - aka it’s made with sustainably sourced wood. After the holidays you can visit our store and drop off your used gift wrap too! Wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, but as you know, we find ways to recycle everything. This time we’re partnering up with The Rockfall Foundation & Terracycle to offer gift wrap recycling between Nov 26 - Jan 2, or until the bin is full!

And that’s a wrap (pun may be intended, ugh)! Thank you so much for checking out the Protect our Home for the Holidays Countdown and finding ways to reduce your impact on Earth this holiday season!

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