Upcycled Fishing Net Bracelet - Clownfish

Upcycled Fishing Net Bracelet - Clownfish

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by Qatica

Qatica bracelets are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets and lines removed from the Ocean. Each bracelet represents a promise to the planet to keep our oceans clean. Each bracelet purchased helps keep our oceans clean & represents the life of a marine animal saved from entanglement.

This family of clownfish is also known as anemonefish because of the symbiotic relationship they have with sea anemones. The clownfish brings food to the anemone in exchange for protection. By building up a protective mucous coating, the clownfish is immune to the stinging cells of the anemone. The clownfish makes its home within the anemone’s tentacles, enjoying protection from predators; in return, the anemone gets to eat the leftovers from the clownfish’s meals and the clownfish helps keep the anemone clean.

  • Size: 6" - 8" (adjustable)
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Nylon Gill Net
  • Location Found: New England, USA

Made in the USA

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