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If you’ve been to our stores you know we proudly stock an impeccable collection of locally made goods from CT’s finest makers. As such, we’re super pumped to be one of the first stores to carry Rayne Home Decor’s newest collection of soy-based candles, infused with Pink Himalayan Salts. We’ve been seeing Pink Himalayan Sea Salt everywhere lately, so we decided to find out what’s so great about it. There has been an influx of new research deeming pink himalayan salt a “healthy salt.” According to, It helps balance electrolytes, regulate your metabolism, increases hydration, and prevents muscle cramping. While more and more people are trading in their table salt for pink salt, we’re starting to learn that this pretty seasoning also offers benefits outside of the kitchen.
Himalayan sea salt naturally generates negative ions. Negative ions are charged particles commonly found in nature. Things like lightning, flowing water, waterfalls and ocean waves are all composed of negatively charged ions. According to a variety of studies, negatively charged ions have been found to have positive effects on humans; including increased blood flow to the brain resulting in more mental alertness and clarity. Studies have also found that these ions can also help cleanse the air of germs and irritants, which is very helpful for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.
Alternately, we see a lot of positive ions coming from electronics like TVs, cell-phones, microwaves and the like. When surrounded by a larger amount of positive ions, people can experience sleep troubles, mental drowsiness and worse asthma symptoms. Negative ions bond with positive ions and neutralize them, lessening their effects and creating a more comfortable environment. You can read more about the effects of positive and negative ions here and here.
This negative ion phenomenon is a scientific explanation for why we feel recharged after some time at the beach or after a long hike. While there’s nothing that can truly compete with a day outdoors, you can harness that feel good energy with these super cool Pink Himalayan Salt Candles from Rayne Home Decor. Like all RHD candles, they’re poured with soy wax and are spinkled with salt and various herbs so while they burn, they release negative ions (along with AMAZING handcrafted scents!)

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