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Photos by MOJALVO

Creating scents is a science - not unlike cooking. Randi and Jolie, the owners of Rayne Home Decor have mastered the art of creating a well balanced fragrance. Inspired by almost everything; food, cocktails, travel and even customer suggestions; their candles have exotic, cool names ranging from Sensual Hut, to Citra Noir and Hey Honey and their scents are both familiar and unique.


Randi and Jolie met in 2011 and quickly fell in love. In 2013 they created Rayne Home Decor. They both have always had a passion for creativity and scents. Jolie had both experience in the manufacturing industry and an obsession with candles. Jolie had a degree in Communication and experience in Corporate America. Together they took a leap of faith and decided to start their own business.

MERAKI | Vetiver + Fig + Thyme + Pink Himalayan Salt

While Rayne Home Decor could stand on its own simply with their beautiful scents - they’re more than that. Their business works to ensure they have a positive impact on their environment. Jolie and Randi hand-pour all of their candles in small batches using 100% soy wax grown in the USA and metal-free wicks. Their candles don't contain bleach, dye, chemical hardeners or UV protectants.

CITRA NOIR | Yuzu + Black Pepper + Pink Himalayan Salt


Basically anything you put into a candle, when it's burned, goes directly into the air and the atmosphere that we are breathing in.” Randi explains. “Many people we come across don't realize all of the chemicals and additives that can go into a candle to manipulate it, including the wax itself and some of them being chemical based. We try to talk about it constantly.”

“Rayne Home Decor is our vehicle to help spread the message of re-purposing and sustainable living, so that everyone continues to do their part as tenants of this wonderful Earth”. They offer monthly workshops where they teach participants how to mix fragrances and create their own soy candles. Their candles themselves are made in glass tumblers for which they have come up with TONS of ways to repurpose (check out their super cool ideas here!)


Our personal favorite way to re-purpose our RHD tumblers!


Their newest line of candles, the Pink Himalayan Salt Candles have been a massive hit. We’re totally obsessed with the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt so we’ve been keeping these new candles burning in our own offices.

Photo by Britta Rankl


What’s next on the horizon for Rayne Home Decor? Expand their Pink Himalayan Salt Candles, try their hand at a new line of home decor products, and most exciting - their getting married this fall! Congratulations Jolie + Randi - we can’t wait to see what comes next!




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